Spheres Of Healing

Shungite Spheres will help you: 

  • relieve stress;
  • develop coordination;
  • to concentrate attention;
  • tone your body.

”Spheres of Health” have a very long history. They were first mentioned in the early years of the Ming Dynasty in China. At that time the production of steel spheres with bells inside was started in the city of Baodin. These spheres are still famous not only in China, but also in many countries throughout the world. From the sounds they make—one of them sounds high, the other, low—they got the names “Roaring Dragon” and “Singing Phoenix.” The dragon and phoenix are often depicted on the polished surface of the steel spheres. Originally a restricted circle of initiates, who were mastering martial arts, used the spheres or balls. Among the many benefits they got from the spheres were development of strength and sleight-of-hand and rehabilitation after injuries. On a higher level, the spheres assisted with training of supernormal abilities, development of concentration and an increase and regulation of the body’s energy flows—especially the energy of the hands. These properties are often depicted on the spheres by the famous mythic symbols “Tripod”, “Yin-Yang”, “Yi Ching” and “Double Happiness”.

The spheres soon gained great popularity. It was discovered that they gave the young clarity of mind and strength of hands, and relieved the elderly of constipation and numbness of extremities. Today, the exercises are known to improve blood circulation, normalize blood pressure and eliminate spasms and cramps of hand muscles. They also relieve trembling in the hands, and joint stiffness.

Later, similar spheres were made from stones, and shungite spheres were soon seen to provide added benefits unique to this remarkable stone.

Regular exercise with shungite spheres preserves a high level of mental acuity over a long period. It also helps in coping with fatigue and anxiety. Easily portable, the spheres can be used anytime and anywhere, by young and old alike.

Modern medicine recognizes the close link between the hands and the central nervous system. Traditional Chinese medicine has always recognized the correlation of the hand’s acupoints and the health of the body’s vascular and digestive systems. Similarly, practitioners of reflexology understand the connection between specific points on the hands and the internal organs. Exercising with the spheres is one of the most effective means of stimulating these acupoints or reflexogenic zones, thereby contributing to high performance efficiency and active longevity.

Areas of Benefit:

  • Healing 
    • Relief of overstrain and stress;
    • Development of coordination, strength and sleight-of-hand;
    • Stimulation of memory and attention;
    • Normalization of blood pressure;
    • Maintenance of a high level of vitality.Especially recommended for those living and working in high-stress situations – executives, teachers, caregivers; and those requiring high levels of concentration in their work – data workers, dispatchers, drivers, students, etc.
  • Prevention 
    • Reduced risk of repetitive stress injury (from various kinds of handicrafts, keyboarding, playing musical instruments, sports activities, housekeeping, etc.).
    • Maintenance of beauty and youth.
  • Medical* 
    • Treatment of illnesses of the joints (arthritis, rheumatism, etc.)
    • Treatment of injuries of upper extremities and hand movement disorders regardless of the their causes;
    • Relief for those who walk with a cane or on crutches, and for wheelchair-bound patients.*Consult a physician before using; do not use if symptoms are severe or worsen.
  • General Recommendations 
    1. It is not necessary to perform masterly tricks; the simplest exercises are the most helpful: rubbing the spheres between the palms; rotating two balls on a palm, clockwise and anticlockwise.
    2. Maintain regular training regimen and increase load gradually.
    3. Alternate squeezing exercises with rotating exercises.
    4. Do not exercise to the point of inducing pain.
    5. Do not strain groups of muscles that are not active in the exercise (muscles of the forearms, arms, neck or back)
    6. Avoid unnecessary movements (bending head, raising shoulders, raising or drawing aside the elbows etc.) while exercising.
    7. At the beginning of the exercises you should choose spheres of medium size. After mastering the main exercises, it is better to buy several pairs of spheres of different sizes in order to vary the load and be able to do exercises with 3-4 spheres.
    8. It is advisable to do the exercises for not less than 10 minutes a day.

Try not to look at the spheres; instead, pay attention to the sensation in your hands.

The information and product that we are providing are for educational purposes only. As stated above this information and product are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. In all health-related situations, qualified healthcare professionals should always be consulted.

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