Our Team

Our Team

Jason Quitt

Energy Healer & Teacher

A graduate of the Institute of Energy Wellness, and a student of Algonquin Shamanism, Jason has been training and working with many teachers, shamans, and traditional healers from around the world.

Jason is also the author and teacher of “Egyptian Postures of Power” & “The Yosef Codes” methods of personal healing and practice. As a channeler of universal and dimensional energies of healing, Jason combines these methods and modalities of energy medicine, shamanism, and dowsing to assist those on their own personal paths of healing and enlightenment.


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Alan Reed


Alan Reed is a practicing Druid, as an Alchemist he has obtained the message of the elements. For over 20 years he has assisted individuals and Corporations to create sacred space in Time. As an consultant he educates people how to sequester the buzz of the modern day – ways to reduce the Terrestrial incoherency of the unconscious disruption of Nature’s order. Offering many services his real passion is the regeneration of the natural order – utilizing the Mineral kingdom in stabilizing – calming ways. Learn how to place your newly acquired piece of Shungite or the Geometric configurations in the best harmonic ways. Enjoy and maximize your walk thru Life in a sacred way – in peace, calmed by geometry – nourished by vitality.

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Ven. Gunika Bhikkhu

Buddhist Monk and Spiritual Healer

Master Gunika is a Buddhist monk who stresses the importance of Meditation, which is the highest level of spiritual training that we all need in our lives. Through his practices, our paths to enlightenment can be realized by understanding who we are, and why we are here on this planet. Love, Compassion, and Self-Responsibility are the important pillars to which he teaches to his students. Whether it is the healing of the mind, or guidance of your karmic energy, Master Gunika welcomes all who wish to better themselves by realizing their true life path through the practice of Meditation.

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Domenic Rotolo

Artist & Writer

Domenic Rotolo is an intuitive artist and writer, tapping into the unseen forces from a place of sensitive knowing. Sensitive to the vibrations of colour and energy impressions, he is able to tap and tune into the ethereal energies that hover beyond the physical realm. Inner visions become outer realities as he paints with watercolour and is receptive to the downloading of messages from his Higher Self. A host of channeled books and paintings are available by contacting him at his email address:

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