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SHUNGITE, “Secret” Russian Stones. Many have said how much they really like them. Come and find out why.

My name is Mars Islamov and I would like to introduce my company, Ambersoul, which is located in Toronto. We offer a huge selection of products made from a natural mineral called SHUNGITE, which includes some unique items for healing & spiritual practice, such as pyramids, harmonizers, cylinders and massaging spheres. We also have bracelets, pendants and protective anti-radiation shields for cell phones.

Website contains only a part of the complete catalogue. If you are interested in more please contact me via e-mail:

Mars Islamov
Tel: (647) 892-9659
[email protected]

The information and product that we are providing are for educational purposes only. As stated above this information and product are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. In all health-related situations, qualified healthcare professionals should always be consulted.