7 Directional Harmonizers

The 7 Directional Harmonizer is constructed out of six shungite pyramids and one tulikivi sphere. This sacred geometric design connects the powerful energies of the stones to the energies of the seven directions. (Above, below, south, west, north, east, and center.) The energetic fields and vortexes created by this tool circulates, clears, amplifies and purifies yourself and your environment through the alignment and balancing of the seven directions.

In this high paced world of stresses, entertainment, technology, and concrete, we have been slowly shifting our resonance away from the sacredness of our natural world. The more we lose this connection the more we spiral into dis-ease and dis-harmony. We must re-member to connect to the seven directions so that we can create sacred space within and around us. As we place the 7 Directional Harmonizer in our hands or in our environment we are consciously starting to attune and realign ourselves to these powerful forces of nature.

Recommended uses: 

  • To clear and purify toxic living or working environments.
  • To amplify meditating & healing practices.
  • To creating sacred space in healing rooms & bedrooms.

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